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Are you frustrated with your career?

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3 Programs to Accelerate your Career Growth in 3 months

To truly thrive in your career you have to have the confidence to take responsibility for your life and your happiness. You have to know that regardless of your past experiences in your career, every moment is a new opportunity to thrive. 

You are taking the steps to do the work that most people never do. Most people see their careers as a result of the opportunities they were given. If you are here you are someone who wants to create the professional life that you have always wanted.

You have the power within you to create your own career path and my programs will help you achieve the next level in your career with clarity and confidence. 


Accelerate your Career Growth

Online Course
In this Accelerate your Career Growth course you will learn strategies to gain more visibility and recognition in your Organisation.
How does the course work? Find out here.
Step-Up Program
If you need clarity and guidance on your Career given your unique situation, you may start with the Step-Up Program. 
This is an Exclusive 6-week commitment where we will define your next promotion and design an Action plan to help you move forward.
Accelerate Program
If you need clarity, guidance and accountability on your Career, you may start with the Accelerate Program.
This is an Exclusive 12-week commitment where we will define your next promotion, design an Action Plan and where you will have Accountability to make sure all decisions and actions are aligned with your Goal.


Saskia Bergmann 

Working with Natacha has helped me through a challenging period in my life. She has a beautiful calm presence which always brought me back to my own balance. With her support and empowerment, I was able to take bold action steps and starting up my own business. Her coaching helped me to step beyond my own limitations and blocks into my full power. I will be forever grateful for her service.

Jenny Toh

I first reached out to Natacha because I knew that she was an executive coach with a passion to help women excel in their careers. I was at a crossroads on where I want to be in my career i.e. to stay on in my full-time job or to pursue starting up a coaching business.  I find her to be genuinely interested in my well-being and wants me to succeed in life. If you are looking for someone to help you find clarity and direction in your career and life, don't hesitate to reach out to Natacha for her coaching services 

Rebeca Pinheiro Da Silva

As a professional in the wealth management área and as a woman, I can confirm that Natacha helps me a lot on my journey. Help me To clarify my obstacles and my limitations and To define with more confidence the objectives and results that I want. Thanks Natacha !

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