How I can help You

Hi, I'm Natacha.

I’m a Portuguese expat who left Portugal 10 years ago because I wanted to achieve a better quality of life for myself. 

This was my first leap going from a 5 figure salary a year to a 6 figure salary. 

After a decade of working in the corporate world I found myself wanting to help others achieve success while maintaining the lifestyle I got accustomed to in corporate. 

I started coaching Executive Women but I was not having the impact I hoped for so I went looking for an opportunity that allowed me to expand my business in a way that I would help more people achieve success while being able to work from anywhere on my own schedule.

I am grateful I found this global online business with a proven business model that works.

The trainings, the community and the products are exceptional.  I am excited I found  a business where I have the possibility to replace my corporate income and even surpass it working less hours! 

 If you are searching for a more meaningful career, you love helping others succeed using your leadership skills and if you are also passionate about personal growth, request more information today. 

© Natacha Sommer

2020 © Natacha Sommer