Getting Visibility and Recognition

About this Course

What this course is: It is a career acceleration course where we help people get clarity on how to have more visibility and recognition in their organisation.


Who is the course for: women who want to rapidly achieve their career goals. 

You will learn strategies that you can start implementing now that will accelerate your career growth.


  • Women in the Workplace and Gender Bias 

  • Connecting to your Purpose, Mission and Vision

  • 18 Strategies to gain more visibility, recognition, and confidence

  • Managing your time intentionally

  • Executive Coaching and Leadership

  • Final Reflection

      Bonus: "Pay What is Worth" Session

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Jenny Toh

I first reached out to Natacha because I knew that she was an executive coach with a passion to help women excel in their careers. I was at a crossroads on where I want to be in my career i.e. to stay on in my full-time job or to pursue starting up a coaching business. Natacha was patient and non-judgmental. She openly listened to my concerns and made me see things from a different perspective without imposing her views on me. I find her to be genuinely interested in my well-being and wants me to succeed in life. If you are looking for someone to help you find clarity and direction in your career and life, don't hesitate to reach out to Natacha for her coaching services 

Rebeca Pinheiro Da Silva

Start working strategically to achieve your Career Goals faster

My mission is to empower women to get clarity on their career path and achieve their career goals.

"I am passionate about leadership and how women can leverage their natural skills of empathy and connection to be much more effective leaders. I want to leave a legacy where women are much more recognized and visible because they are more daring, as women have a deeper level of self-trust and are willing to take inspired action steps toward their goals. I'm on a mission to elevate women all around the world."

- Natacha Sommer

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