Record Profit Months in Our Business

Our Business and Our Products have an incredible impact on people's lives.

In May we have achieved a Profit Record Month in our business.

These come as a result of Business Owners who are choosing every day to have a positive impact in society and that come from a place of service. The financial results are a result of the impact they are creating!

We had in May:

- 2 New 50k Club Members - Myles Forsyth and Michelle Bowater;

- 1 Business Owner that became 50k Club and 100k Club in the same month - Julie Spring;

- Business Owners that broke a Record and became 200k Club Members - Simon & LeeAnne Haggard and Alison Wheeler.

Our environment is either supporting us and moving us closer to where we want our lives to be or it is what is holding us back from achieving our full potential. Choose wisely.

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